Day trips to the Pieniny National Park

Rafting on the traditional wooden raft through the one of the most beautiful gorges in Europe

The Dunajec flows through the Pieniny Mountains of southern Poland and forms part of the border between that country and the northern part of Slovakia.
These limestone mountains are quite impressive and are part of the Pieniny National Park. Perhaps the park`s most famous summit is the Trzy Korony, (The Three Crowns) which rise 982 metres above sea level.
The river makes seven wide loops during its 18 kilometre journey through the Dunajec Gorge and the tourists who partake in a rafting trip will enjoy almost three hours of stunning sights before they reach final station in Szczawnica.
Szczawnica due to the presence of sorrel springs and the favourable climatic conditions, many respiratory and digestive tract illnesses are treated there. Before the war the resort was owned by the Stadnicki family and since 2005 it has returned to the family descendants. Recently they managed to restore its former splendor and elegance.


Rafting through the Dunajec Gorge